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28 February 2010 @ 01:40 am
A part of me has died.

I'm sobbing as I type this.
With each news report coming out, a part of me dies even more.

The fanmeet was a total disappointment.
I cannot support a 6PM that has come to this. To completely leave behind Park Jaebum, leave him to die. I strongly dont believe the shit claiming that Jaebum has committed as offence so horrendous it cannot be forgiven. This throws out the basis of the reason for Jay's impossible comeback and hence the rubbish answers that they've given.

What truly killed me was the members saying all those. How could they? They've killed the faith in me. Broken my heart so badly. How can this be the boys i love so fucking much be saying this?!?!?! Its tearing me apart. Where has the 2PM that loved and supported each other disappeared to?
If this is what they have truly became, I am sad to say, I dont see how I can love them again.

Tbh, I wasn't pro-boycott or anti-boycott because I believed that the 6 members were victims of this rubbish and we, as fans, shouldn't be leaving them. But idk now. Do they deserve our support?

But then again, I'm still clinging on to the hope that this was all scripted. I mean, it has to be, JYPE wont risk the members spurting out that they want jaebum back. Moreover, they said "Park Jaebum". Why would they say Park Jaebum if they weren't forced? I believed in the friendship of the boys, they can't have been living a false superficial friendship & brotherhood all these while.

However, even if this was all scripted and shit, to have the boys actually be able to come out and attack Jaebum like that is completely mind blowing to me, how could they fucking do this?Essentially, I dont know how I can love them the same way again.

Its a mess now, everyone's conflicted. Everyone's heart got broken so badly.

It'll never be the same again you know? Even if Jay returns, the damage has been done to us. How can I look at them the same way again.
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SHINEE+SH.W=LOVEloversflyinfree on February 27th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
I really couldn't believe half the answers that were coming out of the boys' mouths.......