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27 February 2010 @ 12:26 am
You might come back.  
I've been delaying posting about the JYPE letter shit, because I needed time to collect my thoughts and not say things whilst I'm still heartbroken/angry.

Its tearing everyone apart.

Is the letter truth or lies? I believe the 2pm boys truly didn't agree to Jaebum's official departure because they were too disgusted to be in the same team as him. How the hell is this possible? What on earth could Jaebum have actually commited during the A&A promotions to deserve this? I can't seriously think of any shit! Jaebum's a good christian boy! I'm not a catholic or christian or whatever, but Jay obviously was one, and a very well behaved one. So, being himself, he wouldn't allowed himself to commit any shit mistake that will hurt his members. So what bullshit are you talking about JYPE?

I'm not going to blame JYP, because JYPE is obviously so much more than JYP and there's so much politics going on inside. But to pull the rest of the boys into this shit is way too much.

Wooyoung cried, he cried when Jay left, he cried again.
I truly believe the boys were estastic about Jay's return and knew nothing of the impending announcement that Jay would never be returning. What rubbish is this, claiming they already knew?
The boys were left out, not getting a chance to have their views taken. This is so wrong of JYPE.

I cried my heart out after the whole thing hit me.
Jay is not going to be forced to leave, Hottest will not allow this. Only if Jay says with his own mouth that his heart truly wants to leave, will he be allowed to leave. Being ousted just like that, is not something the fans will allow or accept. I myself refuse to accept Jay's departure like that. LIKE THAT. How can you ask us to accept this JYPE?

I'm only afraid that Jay has gotten tired of all this that he feels too tired to carry on. Be strong Jay! We're strong for you too!

2PM is 7.
I'm waiting Jay.
왜 돌아오지를 않아 널 기다리는 내게로

A Philippine's fan's reaction.
It hurts to be betrayed like this JYPE.
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~self proclaimed jun!junkie.: soul? what soul?kitsie_chan on February 27th, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
i refuse to believe that they were too disgusted to be in the same team as him either. if so, what about the phonecalls to them before performances? and their tears? Thats just impossible. And the fact that so many more fans are turning their back on 2PM and Jay is just.... crushing.

But I'll wait. I still beleive, foolish as it may sound.